Joaquim Janeiro


Admiral A - Poch / Dinky Toys # 513
Nr   4934  of my 1/ 43 collection
Brand   Poch / Dinky Toys  /  Spain
Reference / Year   513  /  ?
Model type / Material   Metal model
Color  Body / Interior   Metallic dark red body and white interior
Quality / Price ratio   The excellent Dinky model assembled in Spain
Obs.   Same model but assembled in Spain at Poch , the Dinky Toys importer for Spain , the cars come complete but unassembled . The difference between the french and spanish models are the Pirelli tires and Barcelona licence plates for the spanish Poch models , Dunlop and french licence plates for Dinky . Besides tires and licence plates the price of the spanish models is around 700 / 800 euros for a MB while the Dinky is 100 euros , some difference !