Joaquim Janeiro


 Astra fa - Polis - Siku # 1320 Polis
NÂș   590  of my 1/ 60 collection
Brand   Siku
Reference / Year   1320 Polis  / -  ( for the finnish market )
Model type / Material   Metal model with black plastic base  and "b6" wheels
Color  Body / Interior   White body with dark blue transversal stripes , blue roof emergency lights, light gray interior, clear windows and black antenna
Race / Driver   Polis / Poliisi  ( Finland )
Sponsor   Finnish "POLIISI" on right side and Swedish "POLIS" on left side
Quality / Price ratio   German toy. This model was made only for finnish market, beeing the rarest of all Siku Astra models
Obs.   Opening rear door