Joaquim Janeiro


Opel Omega A Lotus [ 1989 - 1992 ]
     #Nº 3935 in my 1/43 collection is the Opel Collection fascicule nº 7 . This is a very nice model , with good body lines and detail . The Omega Lotus was only made by
SMTS , 1/43 metal kit in the  90's . SMTS , kit or  built model and last year  the Neo model  were Carlton Lotus models . The Opel Collection Omega Lotus is very well made ,  even if not as good as the Neo , nice air intakes , good rear spoiler , good wheels , the worst features are the ... right steering wheel and the white interior . Someone told me that this car  was also sold in Japan and in South Africa , so the steering wheels wasn't completely wrong . Again , for the price we can't complain too much !