I have a long curly white and yellow hair and wonderful golden eyes . I love play with a ball and walk .
Sun bath for me and my friend Magui

Do you know that I'm with these guys for 6 months ?  And I'm loving it !

     Now, that weather is sunny and starting to get hot, after lunch I go to the lab with my "Doninho" where everybody loves me . I play in the garden where I can walk and run without danger .
     "Miss Bolacha" my "Doninho" 's mother always give me a biscuit and after that I go meet everybody else ... they always have something for me , specialy dog cookies of all kinds ! I will take a picture with them !
     A couple of months ago my hair was very long and with weather geting hot, the obvious thing to do was a small hair cut . Well I don't know what happened, but I fell asleep in the vet and when I wake-up ... look at me ! WHERE IS MY HAIR ? WOW, WHERE IS MY HAIR ? HELP !   HELP !

Well I'm a beauty anyway , long or short hair, I'm always prety !

Today I'm tired because I've walked for 1 hour with my "Doninho" ! My paws are burning !