A very special small part of my collection . I love these wonderful heavy models , so , a couple of years ago , I decided to collect the GM models. Now I have almost them all and a couple of non GM cars , like Tucker , etc . The first GM car in the Brooklin range was the 1937 green Chevrolet Coupé , BRK04 , the first model made in GB , quite hard to find . All my models were purchased at , my partner for Brooklin Models , owned by my good friend Antonio Veloso , no missing models , good prices and always time for a good bright talk a couple of laughs and a special dinner , thank you Toni . 

     Brooklin Models , a small history  
     Brooklin Models started in Brooklin , a small town near Toronto , Canada  and move to UK in 1975 . The first 3 cars were made in Canada and are now very rare as the first UK models . Today besides the normal Brooklin Collection we also find special series as the " Factory Special " and new "brands" as the " Buick Collection " , the Buick history in 1/ 43 model cars  , " CSV  - Community Service Vehicles " , " IPV - International Police Vehicles " , " Rod 43 - Handbuilt Customised Model Cars " , " US Model Mint " and last but not least the " Lansdowne Models" a series of english cars with a couple of Vauxhall models . The " Rob Eddie Models " swedish model cars serie was discontinued .