My 1/ 60 scale collection ( Matchbox type models )
     I start collecting model cars almost 40 years ago and if in the beggining I bought all brands and scales , this kind of toy was always left aside . At that time, Matchbox was producing those funny things like " Piston Poppers " or " Fandango " , etc , that I didn't like and Siku , Schuco , etc , were hard to find here in Portugal . A box with my old toys and a bag full of models , given by a friend was the starting point . However , when I saw a couple of plastic Opel toys made in Portugal , I start looking for them in shops , etc , and later everytime I saw a good looking small car , I usualy bought and " park " it in a big box after taking note in my database . For almost 30 years I've " parked " models inside boxes and that was my " matchbox type " model collection .
     A couple of months ago , March to be more precise I decide to check what I had gathered all these years just to answer the question , Shall I continue or not collecting this kind of models ? Surprisingly I found a good selection of models ranging from the excellent old Siku models , to the " topsuperqualitychinamadecheaptoy " . The , " yes I will continue collecting " , won without any doubt ! It took 6 months to confirm my database , clean , separate by brand , buy vitrines , by the way I chose the Ikea Detolf vitrines, transformed to have the double of shelves, and finaly display the models .
     What I will show is the result of all that work . The 1st vitrine is full of Matchbox , while the 2 nd is for Siku and the 3 rd is a german mix , 3 shelves of Schuco , 2 of Opel promos and the rest for the other german makers , Jean , Hammer , Herpa , etc . The first 5 shelves of the 4 th vitrine are full of models from the rest of Europe , from Portugal to Russia , while the other 2 have USA models . The 1 st shelf of the 5 th vitrine have a mix of model coming from " exotic " countries like Brasil , Mexico , Argentina or Japan , while the next 4 are from Hong Kong and in the 6 th the good and the bad chinese models and in the bottom some kits from Korea and asian sets .

     Beneath just a couple of pictures to give the right idea of how nice these models look .
     I hope that you like my collection , and you can contact with questions and sugestions at .
Some pictures